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Stranded for a while... 27.12.2016
A Tropical Christmas Eve 24.12.2016
Falling out of travel mode and back into society 18.05.2013
Bobby’s, fairy terns and frigates 30.11.2012
Wrinkled fascination 30.11.2012
A Curieuse Dive 24.11.2012
No parents but plenty of spirit 08.11.2012
Plankton pulling, dolphin spotting and manta swimming 06.11.2012
Sharky waters 02.11.2012
When the heavens opened and the vis picked up! 27.10.2012
Sweat, Sweetlips and Seybrew 12.10.2012
Back to the office in the ocean 05.10.2012
Sulpaike Salcantay and your 'dancing ladies' 13.06.2012
Ahhh... finally Bolivia´s waters break 10.06.2012
Riding life on the death road! 31.05.2012
Time to smell the garlic, fruits, baked bread, meat & more.. 29.05.2012
...ooooo.... spoke too soon... 27.05.2012
Waking up sweating on cold tiles! 23.05.2012
Sucre - mi amor... 22.05.2012
Strapping on a pair 16.05.2012
Wheels no longer turning... 11.05.2012
Whiteout! 09.05.2012
Bienvenidos a Bolivia! 01.05.2012
Luck really does come in threes (or fours)! 30.04.2012
The writing on the wall 24.04.2012
Someone said to me "It´s a waterfall, what of it?" 20.04.2012
Seriously...?! 18.04.2012
Beirut, Peckham or Montivideo...? 11.04.2012
Steak - Argentinian style 06.04.2012
Flying over the Andes 04.04.2012
´Mucho mejor perspectivo´ on top of Volcano Villarica 02.04.2012
Daylight robbery gives fresh perspective 30.03.2012
...might have killed a cat? 27.03.2012
p.s did I mention... 26.03.2012
Swapping Oz for Latino life 26.03.2012